MPLS Network Service

For companies seeking higher speed, reliability and security, MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching) provides a next-generation intelligent network solution.  TTC’s MPLS Service offers increased performance by nearly eliminating backbone congestion and packet loss, providing enhanced support for corporate email, video streaming and Web commerce applications.  Going beyond traditional ATM and frame relay networking, dedicated MPLS services combine both public and private IP service, ensuring optimal quality of service.

TTC’s MPLS Service is ideal for…

  • a global enterprise with geographically dispersed branch offices running a large suite of data-intensive and voice applications requiring reliable transmission of business-critical data;
  • any company choosing to migrate from existing ATM, frame relay or VPN solutions to MPLS to take advantage of higher performance, reduced costs and faster Internet access speeds.


  • More sophisticated traffic engineering by effectively handling and managing greater bandwidth for voice, data and video demands
  • Full range of access speeds including DS1, DS3, OC12 and Ethernet (Fast, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit)
  • Value-add functionality helps ensure redundancy, provides virtual private network (VPN) meshing and offers enhanced security features
  • 24/7 Network Operation Centres (NOCs)and Customer Service expedites problem identification, notification and resolution


  • Reduced total cost of ownership by converging all communications over a single network, with one cost-effective provider managing all voice and data communications services
  • One consolidated monthly communications bill covering all locations and services; significantly reduces bill processing resources, streamlining auditing and cost analysis
  • Single point of contact to address all integrated and next-generation communications needs