ISDN is a digital access technology that allows simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities. ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) uses standard twisted pair cables and is nearly three times faster than a 64Kbps dial-up line. ISDN BRI consists of two 64Kbps B (Bearer) channels and one 16Kbps D (Data) channel. ISDN BRI service provides superior clarity of digital transmission and high speed data interfaces. Each B channel has the ability to integrate voice and data.


  • Simultaneously supports feature-rich voice and data transmission
  • Connects quickly to the Internet, without the wait associated with using a dial-up modem
  • Full duplex operation: bandwidth is the same in both directions
  • Circuit switched 64Kbps mode for both voice and data calls


  • Clarity: provides clear voice connections and high-quality data connections
  • Security and consistency: ISDN provides dedicated bandwidth to the user, not shared with anyone else
  • Investment protection: uses existing phone lines (in most cases, the existing analogue telephone line can easily be converted for ISDN service); inter-works with existing telephone and packet data networks; supports dialled digital connections worldwide


ISDN 30 is an enhanced offering that enables businesses to combine traditional voice services with high-speed data services. ISDN 30 lines are traditionally connected to an in-house digital or IP telephone system (PBX) and provide 30 or less ‘channels’ for communication via the public switch telephone network. TTC are able to provide ISDN services from 15 channels

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for smaller organisations right up to 30 channels or multiple of these for large enterprises. Irrespective of the number of channels (simultaneous conversations), each ISDN link can be programmed to provide Direct Dialling Inward numbers. These DDI numbers allow your business to provide unique numbers to each user so that parties outside of your organisation can dial directly to an individual within your company.

With functionality and flexibility previously available only to large enterprises, small to mid-size businesses can integrate voice, data and Internet services on a single ISDN connection, improving productivity and reducing costs.


  • Integrated voice and data applications provided on a carrier-class network
  • Advanced integrated features supported by your PBX
  • Contiguous DDI number ranges eg 0207 771 7800 – 7899
  • IP interface available
  • Popular call management features included
  • Network monitored 24/7 by our skilled technicians