Regulatory History

Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) allows alternative suppliers to rent access lines on wholesale terms from BT, and resell the lines to customers, providing a single bill that covers both line rental and telephone calls. Its introduction has been a significant stage in the development of competition in retail markets in the UK. A fully effective WLR product will bring major benefits to consumers in terms of increased choice, innovation and lower prices. Consumers in all parts of the country will have the opportunity to choose alternative suppliers who provide combined access and call services.


TTC are able to provide Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) to our customers as part of our connectivity solution.  By being able to provide the lines (analogue, digital or Sip Trunks) as well as the provision of the call traffic, customers are able to gain huge advantage from this ‘one supplier’ option.

TTC – a BT Wholesale partner can provision lines directly on the BT Openreach network improving turnaround time, service and cost.  This ensures that our customers gain the benefits of the flexibility and high quality service provided by TTC combined with the unparalleled network reach and reliability provided by BT.

TTC are able to provide new switched minute lines via analogue lines (still used for faxes), BRI 2 and ISDN 30 trunks via dedicated fiber links or the latest SIP Trunks via dedicated Fiber links or BYON (Bring Your Own Network).

In addition, many customers are transferring the management of their existing telephone lines to TTC to gain from immediate cost reductions both in terms of monthly rental and call costs.  This is a simple, non-service affecting process that can save customers up to 30% on their annual telephone spend.