Telephones / Hosted / Cloud

TTC’s VoIP Telephone Cloud Service (TCS) provides our clients with a hosted Unified Communications environment combining IP Telephones, Call Control, Audio / Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging IM, Presence, Web Collaboration, Applications, Unified Messaging and a whole raft of additional features. These technologies are seamlessly combined to provide a powerful and flexible communications platform for our customers to experience.

With Pay as you Go options customers are able to incorporate technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for example Global Video Conferencing. The simple to use portal enables clients to immediately see in real time their usage and associated costs and the services can be provisioned on-line to meet increased market activity or user demands.

TTC VoIP Telephone Cloud Service gives our customers the freedom to expand their staff and service requirement quickly, efficiently and cost effectively without the need to purchase their own hardware or software. From a simple office phone solution through to an advanced global UC environment, TTC can meet your needs. This freedom to choose the services without the need for an IT room full of expensive equipment, each requiring support staff and service contracts, enables our clients to concentrate on their own business rather than the support of all of these systems. The following section provides an insight into the latest services that TTC offers.