VoIP Private Wires

TTC customers can benefit from Trader Voice Anywhere™ which can help you achieve significant cost savings by transforming your client facing telecoms connectivity away from outdated Digital Private Wires and into a fully flexible and secure VoIP solution. This can save you up to 30% off the cost of lon/lon, and up to 80% off the cost of international Private Wire line rental charges.

Trader Voice Anywhere™, powered by GemaTech technology is set to change the landscape of Trader Voice communications within the trading floor. Traditional dedicated “private wires” have been the backbone of Trader Voice communications but they have become inflexible and costly as technology has evolved. Trader Voice Anywhere™ is a leading edge IP solution that utilises existing technology and infrastructure to complement and enhance existing Trader Voice services.

Trader Voice Anywhere™ is a secure and reliable IP voice software platform that can be routed via the customer’s corporate WAN, securely encrypted over public internet connectivity or provided across dedicated Ethernet connections. Working on a two tier fixed pricing model (local / local and international non distance dependant) This solution offers a number of tangible benefits to its users.

  • Significant cost saving – two tier fixed pricing model, non distance dependent
  • Flexible self provisioning – change and add Traders easily and quickly – in seconds
  • Instantaneous redirect of individual channels providing a full business continuity and disaster recovery platform for existing channels
  • Expandable reach to new markets and / or individual remote Traders in previously cost prohibitive locations.
  • Removes the need for additional expensive DLIC Cards
  • Low cost “Hoots” broadcast capability
  • Secure client portal for real time provisioning, inventory and billing management


Download the Trader Voice Anywhere™ Documents below:-

pdf_icon_small Trader Voice Anywhere – Overview
pdf_icon_small Trader Voice Anywhere – Quality of service
pdf_icon_small Trader Voice Anywhere – Security