Mi Turret

Mi Turret is the “next generation voice trading” solution. Launched as the next phase of the TVA family of products, the Mi Turret enables users to log-on, anywhere in the world, on any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile, using any internet browser and have immediate access to all of their Private Wires, Speed dials, DDI’s and Speakers in a total secure, fully compliant environment.

TVA customers do not purchase any hardware as Mi Turretresides on their own network and hardware platform avoiding prohibitive Capital Expenditure, costly installations and exorbitant maintenance contracts. Users simply log-in and start paying for the service on a month by month basis.

Unique to Mi Turretis our ability to share ALL of your existing private wires on both the incumbent turret system AND on Mi Turretenabling a phased migration or parallel running to the existing system avoiding costly system expansion.

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