The IP Trade range of turrets offers high availability, rapid connection and a very positive touch screen interface in a simple to use but powerful front end. Incorporating Trader Voice, Video Conferencing, Hoot ā€˜nā€™ Holler (up to 30 speakers) VoIP telephony and Voice Recording play-back at the desk, users are not tied to their trading desk and can move between offices or trade from home ā€“ perfect for disaster recovery and business continuity situations.

The ipTrade T2 TurretipTrade iPad TurretipTrade T3 Turret

IP Trade is the perfect tool for modern users providing a broad range of leading edge communication services encompassing: VoIP voice, call queuing, advanced contact management, call manipulation, CRM integration and an advanced, user configurable feature set.

IP Trade offers the most advanced, reliable and flexible software-based communications and collaboration platform available today. The IP Trade platform behaves as an extension of the enterprise voice and unified communications architecture. It is designed to be simple to buy, deploy, manage and maintain while leveraging existing IT investments and integrating with key audio, video and data applications.Ā  This enables organisations to ensure that their most critical workers are able to interact quickly, clearly and reliably to get the job done.