Features & Benefits

A secure and reliable IP-based service, Trader Voice Anywhere offers better quality, reduced cost and improved Disaster Recovery capabilities. It is a fully managed service with proactive monitoring and alerting with automatic re-routing in the event of an issue. Users can have their private wires on turrets, phones, mobiles or any IP device enabling mobility and true global free-seating.


A reduced cost, IP based, end to end private wire service that replaces the previous CAS technology, allowing more flexibility for future expansion and offering better Disaster Recovery.


The freedom to connect private wires to IP phones, mobiles, tablets or any IP device not just expensive turrets. This dramatically reduces customers front office costs.


24×7 proactive monitoring and management helps you to focus on your day to day business needs, while TTC Solutions and its partners cover the rest!

TVA offers greater flexibility and better Disaster Recovery capabilities than TDM-based Private Wires and has Global Reach allowing customers to quickly reach to new sources of liquidity.

With Trader Voice Anywhere comes a more simplified cost structure helping customers reduce costs and streamline budgeting.


Connect from turret to ANY IP device not just turret to turret. Enables private wires on turrets, phones, laptops, home phones or any IP device reducing hardware costs


Live – live presentation for DR enables rapid deployment or parallel trading from home or DR site.


Rapid, low cost migration to new technology which reduces monthly recurring costs.